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Nevada Blind Children's Foundation provides the essential building blocks including extended educational curriculum, extracurricular activities, social opportunities, and transitional skills to children who are visually impaired.



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Who We Are

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation (NBCF)  is dedicated to providing information and services that enable families and the community to understand and meet the unique needs of children who are blind or visually impaired. Because Nevada has no school for the blind, NBCF provides “gap” services that these children so desperately need to become successful in life. These services are free of charge and include: educational tutoring, blind specific technology, special events, blind specific recreational activities, education for parents, support services, referrals, assessments, electronic resource and braille library. In addition, NBCF sponsors audio description at The Smith Center, which discretely delivers descriptive audio to patrons of all ages with visual disabilities so that they may enjoy the action taking place on stage. It is the vision of NBCF to expand our services in the near future and ultimately provide an educational alternative for children who are blind.

NBCF was founded by Toni & Kevin Spilsbury

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