About Nevada Blind Children's Foundation


Nevada Blind Children's Foundation provides the essential building blocks including expanded core curriculum, extracurricular activities, social opportunities, and transitional skills to children who are visually impaired.


Every child with a visual impairment reaches their full potential.

Our Goals

  1. Increase graduation rates and post-secondary education enrollment and/or vocation.
  2. Increase employment rates for blind adults. (approx. 70% are unemployed)
  3. Increase quality of life (i.e. independence, socialization, life skills) for blind or visually impaired children with significant intellectual and/or physical disabilities that prohibit them from graduation and/or a vocation.



Our Comprehensive Approach

  1. Family Support/Basic Needs - remove obstacles to success by ensuring each visually impaired and/or blind child and their family has access to the basic necessities they need such as: food, personal care items, housing, transportation, family education & support, etc.
  2. Education - provide a two-track education path for children ages birth - 22, beginning with preschool.
  3. Recreation - provide adaptive recreation opportunities to support socialization, independence, and educational goals.
  4. Healthy Living - coordinate health care providers including pediatricians, eye care professionals, and therapists, for referrals and consultations, creating a continuum of care that allows education professionals, parents, and health care professionals to work together.
  5. Employment & Life Skills Training - provide life skills and vocational training, be a first place of employment, employer education, and transition services.
  6. Advocacy & Community Awareness - advocate on behalf of blind and visually impaired children and their families and teach blind and visually impaired children to advocate for themselves.