After-School Programs

NBCF offers a variety of after-school programs for blind and visually impaired students, grades K thru 12.  Please complete the registration for programs to reserve your spot today!

Programs run 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday thru Friday at the NBCF Learning Center, a hot meal is served at 4:30 pm for all students attending programs.

If you need help arranging transportation to and from the NBCF Learning Center, please call our Family Advocate, Megan Philippi, at 702-941-5106 to discuss available resources.

Please note, parents must contact NBCF for all new students wishing to enroll in our programs. Give us a call at (702) 735-6223. All students must register and complete all required paperwork prior to attending program sessions.

Pottery Class Button



The pottery program provides a fun and educational experience, teaching students how to express creativity through clay art. Students will be able to take home their clay creations at the end of the semester!

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Life Skills


Tuesday nights are for learning independent living skills like self-help and basic housekeeping. Students will have the opportunity to work with peers, learning valuable life skills to help navigate through life.

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Music & Robotics


Every other Wednesday night, our Robotics and Music programs will be interchanging with each other. Both programs provide a fun STEAM learning experience about collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

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Our most delicious program, our cooking class teaches students how to operate kitchen appliances, follow a recipe, and create tasty meals! 

Game Night Class Button

Let's Get Moving!


Let's Get Moving! is a fun way to help students develop mobility and flexibility with a variety of adaptive recreational activities your child is guaranteed to love!