After-School Programs

After-School Programs

NBCF offers a variety of after-school programs for blind and visually impaired students, grades K thru 12.  Please complete the registration for programs to reserve your spot today!

Programs run 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the NBCF Learning Center, a hot meal is served at 4:30 pm for all students attending programs.

If you need help arranging transportation to and from the NBCF Learning Center, please call our Family Advocate, Megan Philippi, at 702-941-5106 to discuss available resources.

Please note, parents must contact NBCF for all new students wishing to enroll in our programs. Give us a call at (702) 735-6223. All students must register and complete all required paperwork prior to attending program sessions.


To register your student for any of the following programs, please visit your parent portal.

Homework Help

On The Dot

Monday - Friday︱Ages: 5 - 223:00pm - 5:00pm

Staff is available to assist students with homework before program starts. Homework Help is only available by reservation!

Pottery Class Button


Mondays︱Ages: 5 - 22

The pottery program provides a fun and educational experience, teaching students how to express creativity through clay art. Students will be able to take home their clay creations at the end of the semester!

Life Skills Button

Life Skills

Life Skills 1: Thursdays︱Ages: 5 - 22

This beginning level of the Life Skills program introduces students to basic self-help skills such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. This program is perfect if your child is beginning to learn independence!

Life Skills 4: Tuesdays︱Ages: 10 - 22

Intermediate Independence focuses around life skills that will support transitional skills such as telephone skills, time management, and money responsibilities. Designed for middle and high school students, this level of life skills helps us support students who are beginning transition into young adulthood.

Cooking Class Button


Cooking 1: Tuesdays︱Ages: 5 - 22

Foodie Fun supports the youngest of future chefs! Designed for elementary-aged students, Foodie Fun teaches basic manners and table setting, while introducing students to the world of cooking.

Cooking 4: Thursdays︱Ages: 10 - 22

Independent cooking provides our more experienced young chefs with an opportunity to learn how to follow recipes and create dishes on their own. Students will independently cook recipes start to finish using provided materials!



Wednesdays︱Ages: 10 - 22

Designed for middle and high school students, our STEAM program uses science, technology, engineering, art, and math to explore the world around us. Students will explore different activities that increase their problem-solving skills, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

Music (1)


Wednesdays︱Ages: 5 - 22

Our Music program is specially designed to teach children who are blind or visually impaired how to play an instrument. Working alongside professional music instructors, students of all abilities will learn how to play an instrument while increasing their mobility, problem solving skills, and finding new passions.


Dot 2 Dot - Teen Hang

Thursdays︱Ages: 13 - 22

NBCF is proud to reintroduce our monthly teen hangs, Dot 2 Dot, where our teenage students have the opportunity to socialize with their peers. This program is specifically for high school students and provides them with the space to hang out with their friends in an unstructured setting.

Fun with Art

Fun with Art

Fridays︱Ages: 5 - 10

Calling all young artists grades K-5 that are interested in creating masterpieces! Fun with Art is specially designed for our younger students to explore different tactile forms of art through weekly projects.


Game Night

Fridays︱Ages: 5 - 22

Formally Adaptive Rec, Game Night offers all of our program-aged students an opportunity to join their friends in a variety of adaptive games and activities. Whether your student is into sports or just looking to make new friends, Game Night allows students to let our some energy and start the weekend off with some fun!


EMPOWER! - Student Advocacy Group

Once a Month︱Ages: 10 - 22

Our student advocacy group focuses on the skills a student will need to best advocate for themselves. Touching on skills such as confidence and knowledge, the student advocacy group allows students to personally speak up about their needs, all while preparing them to be independent adults.