Eyeing the Experts: Celebrating World Optometry Day with a List of Outstanding Eye Care Professionals

World Optometry Day was on March 23rd, reminding us the importance of taking care of our eyes. 90% of vision loss can be prevented or treated and proper eye care is essential for maintaining your eyes’ health. Regular eye exams are critical for early detection and treatment of eye diseases, which can often go unnoticed until irreversible damage has been done.

To celebrate World Optometry Day, here are some of the local eye care specialists in the Las Vegas and Henderson area who are committed to delivering top-quality eye care services. These eye specialists provide a broad range of services, including eye exams, contact lens fittings, and treatment for eye-related conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Remember to thank your eye care specialist for the critical role they play in providing these services to our community and help to keep our eyes healthy!


The Vision Centers

The Summerlin Eye Doctor

Dr. Christopher Chiodo 

Dr. Christopher Coker 

Dr. Anthony Podloski 

Dr. Carmen Schneider 

Dr. Nghiem Dinh 

Shepherd Eye Center                    


Dr. John R. Shepherd 

Dr. Adam J. Rovit 

Dr. Dan L. Eisenberg 

Dr. Steven O. Hansen 

Dr. Robert B. Taylor III 

Optic Gallery 

8880 W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 8917 


Dr. Stephane Lee 

Lupei Lupei & Vicuna 

7782 W. Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117 


Dr. Ema C. Vicuna 

Dr. Lupei Carl 

Eyediology Vision Center 

4175 S Grand Canyon Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89147 

Dr. Jennifer Burke 

Vision Therapist 

Mary A. Grant OD 

2755 E. Desert Inn Rd Suite 270 Las Vegas, NV 


Dr. Mary Grant 

Retinal Specialist 

Retina Consultants of Nevada 

3006 S. Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89109 



Dr. Roger Simon  

Dr. R. Jeffrey Parker 

Dr. Rodney D. Hollifield 

Dr. Roy Loo 

Dr. Allen B. Thach 

Dr. Meher Yepremyan 

Dr. Irene Voo 

Dr. Jason C. Wickens 


Ideal Eyecare 

6028 S. Fort Apache Rd Suite #101 Las Vegas, NV 89135 


Dr. Grace S. Shin 

Tenaya Surgical Center 

2800 N Tenaya Way Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89128 


Dr. Tyree Carr  

Eye Clinic of Las Vegas 

2800 N Tenaya Way Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89128 


Dr. Marietta Nelson 

Nevada Eye Physicians 

6850 N. Durango Dr. #404 Las Vegas, NV 89149 


Dr. Naomi Warnerย 

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