Helpful Holiday Apps & Resources

Amazon Echo Glamour V2


Do you have an Alexa? Among the fun holiday things you and your child can do with Alexa include:

Calling Santa – “Alexa, call Santa.”
Tracking Santa – “Alexa, track Santa.” (Parents need to enable this skill)
Listen to the Night Before Christmas – “Alexa, open The Night Before Christmas.” (parents need to enable this skill)
Christmas Countdown – “Alexa, Christmas countdown.”
Christmas Kindness – “Alexa, open Christmas Kindness.”

But perhaps one of the coolest things you can do is send a letter to Santa. Use Santa’s Letter Blueprint skill to compose a letter to Santa – go ahead and include your wish list! Each kid in the family can write their own letter. After you send them, check back each day by saying “Alexa, open Santa’s Letter” and receive daily updates on your letter’s delivery progress and Santa’s reply! Parents – you can help Santa out by updating the Blueprint Skill with a few hints for Santa to give his responses!

Click here to try it out!



Does your family celebrate Hanukkah? Check out these great Alexa skills to engage your child!

The Chanukah Game – Test your knowledge with this fun trivia
Hanukkah Menorah – Light the Menorah with Alexa
The Dreidel Song and Game – Let Alexa spin a virtual Dreidel for you or you can spin your own Dreidel!

However you celebrate the holidays, it’s important to find accessible ways to engage your child. If you need help – please call us! Additionally, if you would like to print your own Braille letter or card for your child, we can help! NBCF has its own Braille printer with interlined text so you can read it too. Just call ahead to arrange a time to stop by and print your letter.
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