“You cannot touch love, but you can feel the sweetness it pours into everything.”― Helen Keller


We can’t say it enough, we LOVE our students, donors, volunteers, and community supporters. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we decided to check-in with our students to see what they love the most. 

What do you love? & What does love mean to you?

Lexi – I love bananas and mashed potatoes! And I love lots of people who are nice. The other thing I love is Maleficent and nice animals. I love my mommy and Aunty Priscilla too! Love is when you do something nice.

Michael – I love the movie It:Chapter 2 because I’m not scared. I also love the Cats versus Dogs movie. It’s an old movie.

Adalyn –  I love the color purple. I love cars and movies about cats. I really love the movie Toy Story 4. Love is when you love other people and animals.

Edward –  I love Spiderman and the movie too.

Kristlynn – I love seeing my friends. I love Carly and Taylor and seeing Rocco and Yael. I also love lasagna and Ferrets! And going to the trampoline park! Love means you like something, a lot!

Amir – I love the color blue.

Jensen – I love cookies and cream ice cream. Also, all the games on my iPad and dogs because they make me happy!

Ava – I love all dogs! I also love Girl Scouts. Love is something good and something that makes you happy.

We had so much fun finding out what our students love that we wanted to find out what makes our staff’s hearts flutter. For starters, everyone loves the Vegas Golden Knights…

Maribel, Director of Programs – When I am not volunteering, I love to hike, Kayak, spend a lazy day at the beach and spend time with family.I love spending time with kids, teaching them, seeing them grow, but most of all, seeing them laugh and enjoy what they are doing.

Paula, Director of Finance and Facilities – I love the great outdoors, camping, fishing, quad riding, I love spending time with my family & friends, and I love going to Walt Disney World, I also love being a Girl Scout leader.

Holly, Director of Marketing and Special Events – I love the kids and families at NBCF and the fun we have, it hardly seems like work! And…my friends and family, cats, ice cream, nature and hiking!

Carrie, Marketing Coordinator – I love learning the latest cool dances from my 7-year-old. Getting schooled in Frozen songs by my 5-year-old and attempting to cook anything that isn’t burnt.

Marcee, Special Education Teacher – I love being a soccer mom and spending time outdoors!

No matter what love means to you, we hope that you celebrate it this month and always!

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