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Kaylynn demonstrates flagging on the sidewalk in front of NBCF.

Student Kaylynn Helps to Add New Question to Nevada’s Driver’s Test

Kaylynn, a student of NBCF, has helped add a new question to the state's driver's test that makes drivers aware of White-Cane Law and flagging.
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Episode Three: Navigating the Road to College

Carly interviews a soon-to-be high school graduate, Kaylynn, who wants to share her advice on navigating the road to college as a student with a visual impairment.
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NBCF’s Girl Scouts Have a Cool Time at The Smith Center

NBCF's Girl Scout troop was fortunate enough to to attend The Smith Center's sensory inclusive performance for Disney's Frozen, including a touch tour.
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Amy smiles for the camera while she stretches out a piece of purple slime.

Volunteer Spotlight: Amy

My name is Amy and I'm a volunteer at Nevada Blind Children's Foundation.
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Eyeing the Experts: Celebrating World Optometry Day with a List of Outstanding Eye Care Professionals

To celebrate World Optometry Day, NBCF has listed some of the local eye care specialists in the Las Vegas and Henderson area who are committed to delivering top-quality eye care services.
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Alexis is giggling as he works on an art craft.

How ‘Eye’ See It: Brailling with Alexis

Braille is so much more than a raised alphabet; it's the key to opening doors to a brighter future for students like Alexis.
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Episode Two: Connect the Dots

For National Braille Literacy Month, Carly interviews Amari on his experience learning the tactile writing system and different kinds of Braille technology.
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Hands read Braille on a large white page.

Encourage Pre-Braille Skills in Your Student!

Pre-Braille skills are essential to students who qualify to learn it when they're older. Here's how to prepare your child for learning Braille!
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Mae Marquez

Meet Children Learning Center’s Lead Preschool Teacher, Ms. Mae!

Children’s Learning Center would not be where it is today without our Lead Preschool Teacher, Mae Marquez. Ms. Mae has been with CLC since our opening in 2020 and has already seen countless students come through our program and gain tremendous growth. A student couldn’t ask for a more wonderful teacher. Everyday, Ms. Mae comes…
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Cormick smiles at the camera.

Volunteer Spotlight: Cormick

My name is Cormick and I'm a volunteer at Nevada Blind Children's Foundation.
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Episode One: Thanksgiving

Carly Lamb interviews students, Jensen and Alexis on their experiences attending Nevada Blind Children's Foundation's annual Thanksgiving event.
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A red square shows the Giving Tuesday heart logo in white with white words that read, "#GivingTuesday."

Donate to Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation This Giving Tuesday!

At Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation, there is no shortage in ways to make an impact this Giving Tuesday, November 29th!
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How to Prepare Your Student for Preschool

Preschool is the first step of your student’s education journey. To get your student ready for preschool, Children's Learning Center recommends the following!
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How ‘Eye’ See It: My Journey Since 2017 – Carly Lamb

A lot has changed since 2017, and I was given the opportunity to share the growth I’ve achieved since then. So much has changed in my life since I wrote that article; looking back has been wild! You never really notice how far you’ve come until you turn around and see how long the road behind you is.  
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Diane Fischer

Meet Children Learning Center’s Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Ms. Diane

Children’s Learning Center is committed to providing your student with the best services possible. For our Dots & Tots program and preschool, this means having the best teachers staffed. When it comes to teaching students who experience blindness or a visual impairment, Ms. Diane is the best candidate for the job. With an extensive background…
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NBCF volunteer, Ed Pizio, sits at the volunteer table at NBCF's Open House. Behind him is a volunteer board that reads, "Our Volunteers Are Rock Stars!" and is decorated with various stars. The table has pamphlets on how to volunteer and red and black balloons.

NBCF Volunteer Spotlight: Ed

My name is Ed Pizio and I'm a volunteer at Nevada Blind Children's Foundation.
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NBCF’s Adapted Haunted House was a SCREAM!

Imagine being a little kid again, going into your first haunted house. The feeling of anxiety building while you wait for your turn in line, the smell of heavy plastic from the costumes around you, the sound of people screaming from somewhere inside the building… Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t experience…
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The Ladybug Beat

A message from our new Executive Director and NBCF's upcoming October events!
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Kim & JP

How ‘Eye’ See It- Reflections of a Mother to a VI Child

Vision loss is not a forethought for many. It isn’t until it affects us or a loved one when we finally see its importance.    As a mother of a visually impaired child, my life changed after my son’s diagnosis. My son, JP, has multiple eye impairments, including glaucoma, which he’s battled throughout his 13 years of life. As his…
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How a Blind Photographer “Sees” the World

How does a person with visual impairments “see” the world? An even more challenging question is – how does a person with visual impairments capture that world through the lens of a camera? Photographer Chelsea Stark was born with optic nerve damage and is considered legally blind. She has a vision capacity that allows only…
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