Meet Children’s Learning Center’s Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Ms. Diane

Children’s Learning Center is committed to providing your student with the best services possible. For our Dots & Tots program and preschool, this means having the best teachers staffed. When it comes to teaching students who experience blindness or a visual impairment, Ms. Diane is the best candidate for the job.

With an extensive background and career behind her, Ms. Diane comes into the classroom everyday ready to set up her students for success. Meet the extraordinary educator responsible for helping our students shine!

What is your background? (Education/experience?)  

I worked for 30 years with CCSD and have been a Teacher of the Visually Impaired for Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation since 2016. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education Visually Impaired and a Master of Education in Special Education. 

What made you become a Teacher of the Visually Impaired?  

When I was searching for a major, I took many different classes. The class that stood out to me most was Intro to Special Education. I loved going to the different classrooms. On one occasion, I went to a classroom for the Visually Impaired and was immediately hooked! I got all my basic classes completed at UNLV and then left home to finish my education at Illinois State University. It was so cold there; I could not wait to get back home! 

What made you want to work at Children’s Learning Center?

I retired in 2014, but after a couple of years, I decided I needed to work with kids again. I started with tutoring and we just grew from there. The Dots & Tots program started and later we had a preschool!  

What makes CLC different than other preschools?

We offer specialized instruction for blind and visually impaired! We use one-on-one teaching techniques to identify what individualized needs each student has. I also love that we incorporate sighted peers. 

What makes you excited to come in everyday? 

The growth!  This year one of our students would not leave his parents’ side; Now he comes in and says goodbye and is excited to come into the class. He has verbalized more and has learned so much! Seeing students like him grow is worth every bit of effort.  

A little boy wearing a ladybug mask and black framed glasses holds up his graduation cap to the camera. The cap is customized to look like a child's homework page and reads, "Next Stop Kindergarten."

How did you feel when CLC’s first preschool class graduated in 2021?

I was so proud! I remember when each student first came into the program; shy, crying and nervous. And then suddenly, you see these confident kids ready for kindergarten and graduating! It feels like it goes by so fast, but really there’s a lot of work to get students to that point. 

What is something your students have taught you since coming to CLC?

Reach for the stars! I feel that every student can reach their full potential with the right tools and support. I assume all of our students will be readers, so I work on reading skills with them. If they don’t become a reader, at least I know I did not hold them back. Every student needs the opportunity to at least try.  

What is something you’re hopeful for in CLC’s future?  

I hope we can offer classes for students ages 2 years all the way up to kindergarten. I want us to get these kiddos ready for first grade and be independent and successful!

Any favorite memories? 

One of my favorite memories is when one of our students was struggling with trying new foods. He would not even try to eat anything different. We were on the letter ‘L,’ and I brought lemon cakes. He not only ate it, but also liked it! His mom had tears in her eyes because he finally liked something new. 

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