NBCF Makes History with Preschool Opening

February marked a milestone for Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation (NBCF) and the state of Nevada. On February 3, 2020, NBCF officially opened the Children’s Learning Center (CLC) preschool, the first preschool for children with visual impairment in Nevada.

CLC expects to make a significant impact in the lives of families with children with visual impairment in our community, getting our young learners better prepared for their scholastic future.

“It has been the goal of this foundation since its founding back in 2004 to have a school of some sort for blind and visually impaired children in our community,” says Emily Smith, CEO of NBCF.

Currently open to kids ages 3-5 years old, with plans to eventually include children ages six weeks to five years old, CLC provides early intervention which is crucial to helping children with visual impairment transition into a classroom setting. CLC is a sighted peer preschool that allows students with low or no vision and their sighted siblings to learn together, just as they will experience in a traditional classroom setting once they enter kindergarten.

A CLC preschool day runs from 9am – 5pm, with early drop-off and late pick-up options for working families. The school day is packed with a variety of activities including, story-time, music therapy, free play, and occupational therapy. All of the learning opportunities are designed as tactile experiences, a key factor in educational success for children with visual impairment. The day progresses to include outside play and circle time, where kids are able to work on making choices in different interest areas while interacting with their peers. Throughout the day kids are provided with a nutritious breakfast, lunch and two snacks! While the kids get to enjoy delicious food, it’s also a time for learning. Teachers work on self-feeding techniques, which is something that could be a speed bump for children in a traditional setting.

Many of our preschoolers have never been to a school or daycare setting before coming to CLC. Simply put, this school is a game-changer for children and their parents. By bringing all of the resources to one location, families can get services ranging from education to occupational therapy for their kids. Also, thanks to generous funding, we are able to offer the preschool at no cost to families for the first year and a half of our operation. Following that CLC will offer sliding scale fees and financial aid options.

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Trey and Terry Osborne

Terry Osborne’s son, Trey, is one of the first preschoolers to attend CLC. Because of this opportunity, Trey is now able to work on developing skills specific to his needs as a child with visual impairment which will lead to future success. “It’s a joy to my heart knowing Trey is getting everything he needs and that extra assistance beyond what other schools may be able to offer him. Just for him to be able to live an ordinary childhood and teenage life and all that comes with it, is a dream come true,” says Terry.

For more information about Children’s Learning Center please call our Family Advocate Debbi at (702) 941-5106 or click here to read more online.

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