Robin Lamb

Development Assistant

Robin is the part-time Development Assistant for NBCF. She was born in Burbank, California and migrated to Las Vegas in 1996. Robin worked in the financial and legal fields from 1983 – 2009, commuting between Nevada and California during those years.

Once in Las Vegas full-time, she continued working as a legal secretary before taking time off to care for her mother. Initially volunteering with NBCF for a month for the Ladybug Ball fundraising gala, Robin was hired in March of 2016 as the Executive Assistant. Married for 26 years, she and her husband, Gregory, have their daughter, Carly, who is visually impaired and a former NBCF participant/ambassador since 6th grade.

Robin loves her rescue cat and purebred standard poodle, reading mystery books, swimming, traveling (especially to Disneyland or any tropical destination) and she enjoys spending time with her family. She is also employed full-time at a call center as an Elite Resolutions Manager.