Image shows Ms. Rena smiling for the camera.

Rena Smith

Program Paraprofessional

As our new paraprofessional in after-school programming, Rena brings over a decade of experience in advocacy, counseling, case management, and blind-specific teaching. As Rena herself aptly states, “Because of my experience as a blind individual, I have the mindset and skills to motivate students with a clear understanding of what it will take for them to succeed and be independent in life.” Rena has experience as an instructor with the Blind Center of Southern Nevada, where she helped teach braille, adaptive device usage, and provided advocacy services to clients. She was also the State President and Office Manager of the National Federation of the Blind in Nevada for eight years. Sheโ€™s worked as an independent contractor, advocating for clientsโ€™ needs while also facilitating their therapies, collaborating with doctors, and constructing clients’ care in life skills. Because of her wealth of experience, both professionally and personally, Rena has a lot to offer the older students attending our after-school programs.ย