How to Prepare Your Student for Preschool

Preschool is the first step of your student’s education journey. Part of preschool’s purpose is to teach students the importance of routine and develop the habits needed for Kindergarten. This is important for any child, but for a student who’s blind or visually impaired, consistency can provide the stability and safety. School is a new environment, which can be intimidating for even a sighted student. 

To get your student ready for preschool, Children’s Learning Center recommends the following to get your student ready for their first day! 

Follow the Children’s Learning Center Daily Schedule

Teach Your Child to Follow Directions

Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary Words

Follow the Children’s Learning Center Daily Schedule

Begin the learning at home by following the CLC Daily Schedule or create your own. Below is an example of a simple schedule with instructions that you can use as a guide to create your own schedule. Introduce a timer to your child, what it does and how it works. 

Download Our Sample Schedule here!

Download Our Sample Homework Log Here! 

Teach Your Child to Follow Directions

Following directions is a key skill any child will need to have in the school setting; preschool helps develop this. However, giving them an early start at home will help them adjust to the classroom setting. There are plenty of ways you can start this process, if you haven’t already, but we have a few of the following exercise articles to get started. 

How to Say “No” Positively 

Simon Says 

Making Molding Dough 

Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary Words

Your child will learn a variety of new words just in their first day of preschool. It’s important to expand their vocabulary and to use context clues and early critical thinking skills that allow them to figure out what new words mean. 

For example, when you’re helping them set expectations for their day, have them guess what they’ll be doing for the day and correct them accordingly. Or, when you’re reading stories, you can go over words your child may not have encountered before. Ask them what they think the word may mean after you’ve read the sentence that includes it. 

What Will You Do Now 

How Was Your Day 

Looking For More Information?

Keep an eye out on our preschool section of our News page for new ideas and resources from Children’s Learning Center! You can also learn more on our Preschool page for specifics. 


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