New Faces, Same Mission: Meet the Latest Additions to Our Team 

Image shows several photographs of the four new team members at NBCF. Image reads, "Welcome!"

As the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation continues its unwavering commitment to empowering children with visual impairments, we are thrilled to welcome aboard new team members dedicated to making a difference. Each has brought with them unique talents and perspectives that we’re excited will enhance the quality of services given to our families. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible work they are already doing to transform lives and shape brighter futures!

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Meet Our Newest Team Members!

Image with a ladybug background shows photographs of all new NBCF staff. Staff names and positions are listed as, "Ms. Kelley, Asst. Preschool Directorm, Ms. Yolanda, Pre-K Teacher, Ms. Nayally, Paraprofessional, Mr. Greg, O&M Instructor, Ms. Sara, Preschool Cook, Ms. Amy, Paraprofessional, Ms. Amanda, Paraprofessional."

As we dive into 2024, NBCF is excited to introduce some new members of the NBCF family. Bringing diverse backgrounds and unique talents, we all share a passion in creating a brighter future for our students. Join us in welcoming the latest additions to our team!

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Programs to Check Out This Spring!

A little girl wearing a Wonder Woman costume gives a power pose and smiles for the camera.

Spring 2024 is buzzing with excitement as we introduce innovative programs aimed at fostering growth, learning, and community engagement. Let’s explore some of the changes being made to favorite long-time programs and check out some of the new offerings that are available for enrollment now!

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Taking Time For Yourself: Parent’s Need a Night Out

Image shows a pair of children's hands with their parent's hands holding down a piece of paper. Image reads, "Make Yourself a Priority"

Parenting is a rewarding journey, but when it comes to caring for children with disabilities, particularly those experiencing blindness or a visual impairment, the role takes on an additional layer of complexity. It’s a journey filled with unique challenges that require unwavering dedication and resilience.

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Another Fantastic Year Has Started at NBCF!

A little girl holding a fat-tailed gecko sits smiling in front of a "Back to School" banner.

NBCF has kicked off the new school year with an inspiring blend of excitement, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to fostering growth among its students! We’ve witnessed substantial progress in our after-school program and preschool, both of which provide a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to thrive. 

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3 Tactile Camp Activities Anyone Can Do!

Image shows a girls' face made out of cardboard cut outs.

When our campers aren’t out and about in the community, they’re at NBCF getting creative – and anyone can easily do some of these from home! The following three activities are not only tactile, but super simple for parents to follow. Bring the magic of summer home and share these with your child!

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NBCF’s Adapted Haunted House was a SCREAM!

Imagine being a little kid again, going into your first haunted house. The feeling of anxiety building while you wait for your turn in line, the smell of heavy plastic from the costumes around you, the sound of people screaming from somewhere inside the building… Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t experience…

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How ‘Eye’ See It- Reflections of a Mother to a VI Child

Kim & JP

Vision loss is not a forethought for many. It isn’t until it affects us or a loved one when we finally see its importance.    As a mother of a visually impaired child, my life changed after my son’s diagnosis. My son, JP, has multiple eye impairments, including glaucoma, which he’s battled throughout his 13 years of life. As his…

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Reading Resources for VI Students

Resources 697x234

Reading Resources to Check Out By Briana Philippi   The advancement of technology continues to provide a further resource to our students. From voice over readings to descriptive on-screen audio, technology allows many of our students the opportunity to listen to books and navigate onscreen. While this is helpful, the difficulty of finding affordable, inexpensive or free physical…

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Create Hands-On Kid-Friendly Resolutions: By Briana Philippi

With the start of the new year comes new resolutions and goals. Although adults typically come up with their own resolutions the first week of the new year, it doesn’t mean you can’t include your child(ren). Resolutions naturally surround improvements to  your physical, mental/emotional and/or social health; however, they can also be used for improvements…

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