Another Fantastic Year Has Started at NBCF!

NBCF has kicked off the new school year with an inspiring blend of excitement, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to fostering growth among its students! We’ve witnessed substantial progress in our after-school program and preschool, both of which provide a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to thrive. 

Miss Mae, NBCF’s lead preschool teacher, expressed her enthusiasm for the new school year, noting, “The children were very excited to play in all the interest areas in the classrooms after being away for summer break.” Following an extended summer hiatus, there is also substantial work required to help students get back into the classroom routine. “One of the main goals is to reintroduce the classroom routine and build structure for the new students.” 

Ms. Mae and Ms. Nicole read to a group of preschool students during circle time.

In a similar vein, Miss Nicole, our dedicated paraprofessional who runs our Dots & Tots classroom, shared her perspective on the preschool program’s first week. “The first week was amazing and it was so endearing to see some of the students reunite for the first time since last school year!” said Miss Nicole. “A whole summer is a long time for toddlers, so there was a ton of laughter and joy in the air during this initial reunion.” 

During these initial weeks, both preschool and the Dots & Tots program will focus on establishing structure and consistency through individualized lesson plans and building genuine relationships with each student. As the school year progresses, teachers will gradually introduce new materials and concepts while having students engage in social-emotional learning and positive play habits. There will be no shortage of learning in these classrooms! 

The same can be said for our after-school program. Miss Trey, the paraprofessional who runs the program, offers a glimpse into the dynamic and engaging activities designed to facilitate students’ return to the program. In the first week, students reviewed the changes that occurred throughout the summer, practiced some skills via Mad Libs and Jeopardy games in On the Dot (our homework help program), and learned how they can start earning money as part of their Life Skills program. 

“The goals for the first few weeks are to get our kids acclimated to what is expected out of them for this semester and how everything can have a positive or negative reaction, depending on what they take from it.” said Miss Trey. “I also want the students to learn that there is nothing wrong with asking questions and trying new things in life because that’s how we grow.” These lessons are introduced like building blocks, helping students gradually grow their skills over time. 

“I want the kids to show off the skills that they are learning here at the facility, skills that will carry on with them for the rest of their lives.” said Miss Trey, emphasizing the lifelong learning, independence, and impact that our after-school program has on students. “I am excited for the kids to practice using their voice, speaking up to share their opinions and finding new ways to improve our program to be more aligned with the things they want to try.” 

Ms. Trey helps a student during On The Dot, NBCF's homework program.

And it seems like the students mirror Miss Trey’s feelings as well! Yolanda, a student who attends our after-school program, came back with enthusiasm about what she’ll be learning this semester. “I always look forward to Life Skills the most,” said Yolanda. “I like using what I learn here when I have to do my chores at home.” 

Of course, another significant incentive for her was being able to come back to see her friends and favorite staff members. A celebrated reunion is always a fantastic way to kick off a new year! We’re excited to share our students’ accomplishments and major milestones as they continue to grow throughout the year. Be sure to join us for our Open House on Thursday, October 12, to see where our students are on their learning journey! Register here for more information! 

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