International Literacy Day is for Everyone!

Fostering literacy stands as one of the most significant responsibilities of any educator. However, it holds exceptional importance for students who are visually impaired, as developing literary skills is a crucial milestone. That’s why on Friday, September 8th, we commemorated International Literacy Day by distributing free braille books to our preschoolers who are embarking on their journey to learn braille. 

Megan Philippi, our dedicated Family Advocate, collaborated with organizations like Seedlings Braille Books and National Braille Press to acquire the necessary resources for this endeavor. Braille books, suitable for various reading levels, can be challenging for families to acquire, especially when considering the cost. By partnering with these organizations and providing the foundational steps to braille literacy, we are effectively dismantling barriers for our visually impaired students. 

International Literacy Day has been observed since 1967, serving as a reminder to the public about the vital role literacy plays in upholding human rights. Literacy is the key to continuous education and staying informed. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), “Despite steady progress made across the world, literacy challenges persist, with at least 763 million young people and adults lacking basic literacy skills in 2020.” Additional challenges, such as the COVID-19 crisis and other conflicts, have further exacerbated these issues. 

When coupled with the unique challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments, the situation becomes even more daunting. Early intervention in literacy is pivotal and represents one of the most opportune moments to make a difference in an individual’s literacy journey. Our preschool students, being at the perfect age for intervention, are where we concentrate our efforts! 

“When it comes to literacy, there should be no barriers to accessing appropriate books.” said Megan. “Thanks to organizations such as Seedlings Braille Books and National Braille Press, our CLC students received free braille books that are age-appropriate and tactile. This is a great start to their literacy journey and helps them build their own at-home library!” 

Our commitment to this cause doesn’t end on International Literacy Day. It’s a year-round, every day, 24/7 mission. We are steadfast in our pursuit of ensuring that every child, regardless of visual impairment, not only gains access to literature but also reaches their full potential. 

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