Hindsight is 20/20: NBCF’s New Parent Support Group is Here to Help!

Being a parent means learning new lessons every day. As your children grow, you both experience new challenges, points of view, successes, and losses. Looking back, there is always something we think we could have done differently; something we wish we knew at the time. Every parent has struggles, but no one is quite prepared for the unique situations a child with visual impairments can bring. 

Who better to understand than fellow parents experiencing similar situations? That’s why NBCF is proud to be hosting Hindsight, our new parent support group starting in Spring 2024. Here’s what you need to know about the support group and how to participate.  

What Hindsight Offers 

Hindsight will be a monthly gathering where parents can have discuss their unique experiences in raising a child who is disabled. NBCF’s own Family Advocate and in-house social worker, Megan Philippi, will be facilitating these meetings using a cognitive-behavioral approach to help parents work through unique challenges they’ve experienced with their children. Cognitive Behavioral Theory is the basis for how we react to situations and can be broken down into three steps: first, we think, then we feel, then we act.

“During our parent support group, parents are going to be able to identify their emotions, process them to their fullest extent, and learn from the reaction it may bring up.” said Megan. “This approach allows the participants to grow from their thoughts, rather than let the feelings drive their futures.”  

Who Hindsight is For 

This meeting is open to all NBCF parents of children of any age. You never know what you’ll learn from a fellow parent and what your experience could provide another. Everything from the moment your child is born to their first IEP meeting has presented unique experiences that only you can offer.  

“Parents know their child better than anyone else and their lives are the most affected. This support group is led by parents and designed by the participants, allowing the participants to remain autonomous.” said Megan. “There are very few spaces in the disability community where parents are given the opportunity to speak freely and actually be heard. Hindsight returns that power back to them.” 

While this is a parents-only meeting, we will be providing childcare during sessions.  

Why Your Participation Matters 

Being able to have a space to speak about unique situations and lived experiences is vital for a parent’s mental health. While we’re happy to provide this time and space to our families, we need your help to make it happen! 

“We want to make sure that this support group resonates with the unique needs of our parents, we need feedback.” said Megan. “Responses from our families will help us shape the program so that it isn’t just supportive, but genuinely reflective of the challenges they face daily.”  

How to Connect

Pre-registration is open now and critical for Hindsight’s launch. We want to make sure that the monthly discussions happen on a day that works for the majority of our parents. Your journey matters and your story is important to us! Pre-register here today to get involved and get connected. 

For more details or to express your interest in Hindsight, please reach out to us at 702-735-6223 or email us at It takes a village, and NBCF is happy to be a part of yours. 

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