Meet Children’s Learning Center’s Lead Preschool Teacher, Ms. Mae!

Children’s Learning Center would not be where it is today without our Lead Preschool Teacher, Mae Marquez. Ms. Mae has been with CLC since our opening in 2020 and has already seen countless students come through our program and gain tremendous growth.

A student couldn’t ask for a more wonderful teacher. Everyday, Ms. Mae comes into the classroom with the goal of making each student’s experience both fun and educational. The concern she has for her students shows in her carefully planned curriculum. Meet your new favorite preschool teacher!

What is your background? (Education/experience?)  

I started teaching preschool in 2010 for ages three to five years old. Most of my experience was gained through teaching at Acelero Learning (Headstart). Currently, I’m in school for Early Childhood Education. I’m proud to say I brought a quality program for CLC that was evaluated four out of five stars by the Quality Rating Improvement Rating System.

What made you become a preschool teacher?  

I wanted to become a preschool teacher because I have the passion to mold and help young minds to reach their full potential! Every child is unique in their own way and I believe that means tailoring their experience for success individually. I also love this profession because it gives me an opportunity to empathize with the struggles and challenges children face. When I’m able to help my students, it’s the most rewarding feeling.

What made you want to work at CLC? 

CLC gives ample opportunities for these young children to learn all the basic skills they will need before transitioning to the mainstream.  

What makes CLC different than other preschools?  

CLC is a unique preschool; the children here are being taught at a very young age to be independent and learn the skills they need to be successful and not let their disability stop them. I want my students to be successful, no matter what. CLC shares that mission.

What is a regular day for your preschool? 

A regular day for us is MESSY! We play and create with paint, Play Dough and various slime… Anything you can think of, we work with it. But the best staple of my day is hearing the excitement and giggles from the students when they play.

What makes you excited to come in everyday?   

Everyday I’m given the chance to be a part of my students’ growth and see them master core skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. I’m so excited to come in everyday knowing that I’m a part of that development.

What is something your students have taught you since coming to CLC?  

They taught me how to be grateful for what I have.  

How did you feel when CLC’s first preschool class graduated in 2021?   

I was so happy; I know that I’ve prepared them for that next big step in their life and set the foundation. Honestly, I also was a little sad to see my students leave… But I always look forward to seeing them come back for our after school programs.

What is something you’re hopeful for in CLC’s future?  

My hopes are that CLC will expand and partner with other schools; we have so much to offer each other to support our student’s growth. Imagine what we could accomplish together!

I also really want us to have a playground on site! That way we don’t have to go to a public playground.

Any favorite memories?  

I have so many favorites, but there are three ones I hold dear. The first one was when a student of mine came up and told me, “I love you, Ms. Mae!” and gave me a hug. I don’t know who wouldn’t hold onto a memory like that; it makes you realize just how much you mean to your students.

The second one was when we went on a field trip to Mt. Charleston with all of the students, including the older kids. It was snowing and we started a snowball fight! I remember feeling like one of the kids that day.

The last one was actually a staff training day… Our training includes going through things like vision simulators and cane orientation and mobility training; you can’t teach something to your students that you aren’t willing to experience yourself. I remember we were blindfolded for the day and after lunch, I just started crying. It just hit that I understood how my students feel… This is such an unforgettable experience that I even share it with my family and friends when it comes up. It shows just how much you don’t know until you go through it yourself.

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