Volunteer Spotlight: Cormick


 Why We Love Cormick!

“Cormick started volunteering with us in the summer of 2022. He then became our after school music teacher on Wednesdays. The level of enthusiasm he brings to the foundation is unique and definitely reflects onto our students. Cormick has created such strong and powerful relationships with all the kids, especially those that participate in our music program. There is never a dull moment in music
class and the room is always filled with smiles and laughter. He created a safe, comfortable environment for our kids to be themselves while learning guitar at the same time. In the few months that Cormick has been with us, I’ve seen some of our kids open up more than they ever have before. He has built meaningful connections with all of our students, both in and outside of our music program. Because of Cormick, our students have grown so much with their guitar skills and created fun-filled memories along the way.” – Carly Lamb, Paraprofessional.

Why Cormick Loves NBCF!

When did you start volunteering with NBCF?  

I began volunteering at NBCF in the summer of 2022. 

What made you want to volunteer with NBCF?  

When I was called as a service missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my leaders told me of an opportunity with NBCF. I’d been playing guitar for a while so I was able to help restore the music program and teach a small class how to play. 

What has been one of your favorite memories volunteering with NBCF?  

Overall, it’s always been my favorite to see the kids grow out of their shells and become more social and talkative. But if I had to pick a specific one, there was a student who was able to bond with her grandpa over playing guitar and discussing what she had been learning in class.

What’s one thing you look forward to for the future of NBCF and what role do you hope to play in it? 

I look forward to always being able to help NBCF when I can and bring my hobbies and knowledge to the organization to help in any way. 

If you were to try and convince someone to volunteer with NBCF, what would you say?  

NBCF is a place where you can lose yourself by helping the kids that attend. You bond with them and even learn alongside them as you encounter challenges with teaching and overcome them together. This helps you understand their limitations and helps you gain experience on how to adapt going forward.

Do you have a favorite event that you’ve worked at?  

I personally really enjoyed Goalball; it was a way for the kids to be around me as a person and not just the ‘guitar teacher.’ Having them around and experience what I’m like outside the classroom was a really special bonding experience.

How has NBCF impacted you personally? What kind of connections have you made (students, staff, others)?  

I’ve definitely been educated about visual impairments and how they affect people. I’ve learned how to work with the kids and how to help cater to what they need and allow them to work with their disability. I’ve really come to love each and every one of the kids, not just the ones I taught.

Any other thoughts that you’d like to let readers know about NBCF? 

NBCF is an amazing organization and a very educational facility for both the visually impaired and the sighted. I’ve learned so much and had the amazing opportunity to know this organization and work with them. If you’re able to go to a public event or help out in any way I would completely say to go for it. 

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