NBCF Volunteer Spotlight: Ed

Why We Love Ed!

“Since Edward began volunteering with us during our 2021 Thanksgiving Fun Friday, he has been a valuable asset to NBCF. Donating more than thirty hours of his time, Edward is the first to volunteer for upcoming events. From his participation in our Discovery Day Camp to his consistent effort in building the UNLV School of Medicine volunteer program, Edward is always eager to assist and does so with a seemingly permanent smile. Edward has been a major help in building a relationship between NBCF and the UNLV School of Medicine, a partnership that will benefit both NBCF and the future doctors of Las Vegas. His ability to connect to our students and create a memorable experience with them makes him a role model for all of them. We look forward to working with Edward to many years to come and watching his impact on the organization grow.” – Megan Philippi, Family Advocate and Volunteer Coordinator

Why Ed Loves NBCF!

My name is Ed Pizio, and I am a Las Vegas native and second-year medical student at UNLV’s Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine. I hope to become an ophthalmologist, taking care of sick eyeballs here in the valley soon! Though I spend most of my time studying, I still make time to enjoy my hobbies such as playing Ping Pong, building Legos, and hiking with my fiancé Savannah and our dog Lyra.   


I started volunteering with NBCF in November 2021, during the Thanksgiving feast event. I am so excited that my one-year anniversary is coming up! 


I was inspired to volunteer with NBCF because of their mission statement, especially the goal of providing educational and skill-based programs to children with visual impairments. As Nevadans, we are constantly reminded that our state tends to rank lowest in education and healthcare, which disproportionately affects those with physical or mental impairments. NBCF provides an environment where disadvantaged students in our community can cultivate skills that will allow them to thrive not only in the classroom but also in everyday life. I knew that I had to get involved!  


My favorite memory volunteering with NBCF was during the 2021 Spring Break Camp. We made over 1000+ water balloons, and the kids had the biggest water balloon battle I have ever seen! It took a long time to dry off after that one; I will not forget my bathing suit next time!  


The NBCF has changed so much in the year I have been there. They have added more staff, which has led to the creation of several new programs and even bigger, better events. I hope to help continue this expansion by facilitating a connection between the medical school and NBCF. This would allow for a more regular stream of volunteers and possibly even healthcare-related programming for the kids.  

What makes volunteering at NBCF so unique is how much fun it is to be there. There is always plenty of stuff to help out with, all with the bonus of having tons of fun. The kids are a genuine joy to be around, and the staff are incredibly passionate about what they do. It is inspiring and fulfilling to be a part of what this group does. I always look forward to volunteering with NBCF, and I am confident others will feel the same after spending time there!  


My favorite event so far was the Halloween event this year. It was so fun seeing everyone’s awesome costumes and giving out candy at one of the game booths. The event was well organized, and we had some fun games; the kids had a blast!  


Overall, volunteering with NBCF has been an amazing experience. The kids are truly inspiring to be around. Despite their visual impairments, they are some of the happiest and most resilient people I have ever met. They do not let their vision define their lives or hinder their dreams. I believe everyone could learn something from the kids’ incredibly positive and uplifting attitudes.  

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