Volunteer Spotlight: Amy

Why We Love Amy!

“Amy always comes to help with a smile! She’s done tremendous work for the Foundation. With Amy’s help I have been able to adapt our ever growing Braille library, cooking carts, student store, and, not to forget, she’s helped to make the Holiday Parties truly magical. Amy is always ready to help; there were times she visited us as a guest and stepped in without us even asking. We’re grateful to have her! Thank you, Amy, for being a Rock Star Volunteer.” – Cynthia Duron, Administrative Assistant.

Why Amy Loves NBCF!

Amy smiles for the camera while she stretches out a piece of purple slime.

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do, outside of volunteering with NBCF.   

I am a service missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I go and serve each week at different nonprofits and charitable organizations. In my free time I love cooking/baking and cross stitching.  

When did you start volunteering with NBCF?  

I started volunteering in April 2022.  

What made you want to volunteer with NBCF?   

When I started as a service missionary my leaders told me about NBCF as a service opportunity since I love cooking/baking and being with kids.  I come in on Wednesdays to do the Cooking program, usually.

What has been one of your favorite memories volunteering with NBCF?   

I don’t have a specific memory but I love helping at events and being able to see all the kids have fun together, including the ones who don’t go to the cooking program.

Amy smiles at the camera while she helps a young girl with blonde hair prepare food in the kitchen.

What’s one thing you look forward to for the future of NBCF and what role do you hope to play in it?  

I look forward to being able to help as often as I can at NBCF and seeing them grow to help more and more kids.

Do you have a favorite event that you’ve worked at?   

All the events are so fun! I loved seeing the community and the students’ families come support NBCF. One of my favorite events was Thanksgiving – it was fun to cook and do crafts with the kids.

Amy sits at a crafting table covered in Valentine's Day crafts. She smiles at a girl wearing a purple sweater sitting across from her.

If you were to try and convince someone to volunteer with NBCF, what would you say?   

NBCF is an amazing place to go to. You become lost in the fun and joy of being with kids. If you decide to go, not only do you learn how to help someone with visual impairments, but you also learn more about yourself. The staff and kids are so welcoming. If you have the opportunity to volunteer do it!  

How has NBCF impacted you personally? What kind of connections have you made (students, staff, others)?   

I am usually a very shy person. NBCF has helped me open up. I feel a part of their family. I love how I’ve gotten close to the students and the staff. I look forward to coming every week!

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