Donor Spotlight: YOU!

An image with black braille cells reads, "Thank You!" in red dots and large black letters.

The holiday season sure was a busy time for everyone, but our donors made sure to take a few moments out of their hectic schedule to support our cause in big ways! 

Because of you…

✅ We Met our Match! Your end-of-year donations took us over the finish line and we were able to take advantage of the full match, raising more than $20,000! 

✅ We Met our Target!Your Target Circle votes landed us in second place amongst 5 other local charities, earning us the second largest share of Target’s donation totaling $3,997.35! 

✅ We Shopped for a Cause! If you signed up to support NBCF through cause shopping programs with outlets such Smith’s, Walgreens, and Walmart, your everyday purchases (and holiday shopping sprees) helped designate additional funds for our organization! 

No matter how large or small your contribution, every dollar helps us continue our important work to prepare students with visual impairments for success in the classroom, and in life. Thank you for your continued support! 

Your ongoing support means the world to us – donate today to help us continue our mission!

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