New Faces, Same Mission: Meet the Latest Additions to Our Team 

As the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation continues its unwavering commitment to empowering children with visual impairments, we are thrilled to welcome aboard new team members dedicated to making a difference. Each has brought with them unique talents and perspectives that we’re excited will enhance the quality of services given to our families. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible work they are already doing to transform lives and shape brighter futures!

Ms. Yonni | Dots & Tots Teacher 

Yonni has a passion for working with children and is excited to bring her exceptional skills to the NBCF team. She has experience working as a childcare provider with organizations such as Las Vegas Urban League, helping to provide a safe learning environment for students while maintaining structure and routine.

“Being able to work with our students is a blessing. I want my students to be as prepared for graduation as any other child,” Yonni says. Her dedication to her students has already transformed the Dots & Tots classroom, and we can’t wait to see how our students thrive under her guidance. 

Ms. Kellie | Paraprofessional 

Bringing over six years of diverse experience with her, Kellie joins NBCF as our new paraprofessional, primarily working in our Pre-K classroom. As a Registered Behavior Technician, she brings a unique experience to our classrooms that further supports our students’ growth and development. She has previously worked at Goddard School for Early Childhood Development and the therapy clinic, Settle Down ABA Inc.

Image shows Ms. Kellie smiling and holding up a peace sign at the camera.

She has already utilized her skills and experience to successfully create a warm environment for our students. “I’ve always loved working with children and am excited to be a part of such a unique organization. I hope to provide students with a foundation for a brighter tomorrow,” says Kellie. 

Ms. Rena | Paraprofessional 

Image shows Ms. Rena smiling for the camera.

As our new paraprofessional in after-school programming, Rena brings over a decade of experience in advocacy, counseling, case management, and blind-specific teaching. As Rena herself aptly states, “Because of my experience as a blind individual, I have the mindset and skills to motivate students with a clear understanding of what it will take for them to succeed and be independent in life.”

Rena has experience as an instructor with the Blind Center of Southern Nevada, where she helped teach braille, adaptive device usage, and provided advocacy services to clients. She was also the State President and Office Manager of the National Federation of the Blind in Nevada for eight years. She’s worked as an independent contractor, advocating for clients’ needs while also facilitating their therapies, collaborating with doctors, and constructing clients’ care in life skills. Because of her wealth of experience, both professionally and personally, Rena has a lot to offer the older students attending our after-school programs. 

Mr. Jonathon | Administrative Assistant 

With over six years of experience in logistics, inventory management, and compliance, Jonathon has been chosen as NBCF’s new Administrative Assistant. Reflecting on his new role, Jonathon expressed, “Starting at Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation feels like stepping into a world of boundless opportunities, each task empowering kids to conquer hurdles and help reach their dreams.”

Image shows Jonathon smiling for the camera.

Jonathon’s proficiency in software and dedication to compliance make him the ideal candidate to support NBCF’s administrative operations. He’ll be offering a hand in all departments frequently, so if you see him, make sure to stop by and say hi! 

We invite you to get to know these new team members as they enhance our mission to support students in their education. As always, we are dedicated to improving our services and committed to our families. We appreciate your support. 

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